Jesse, Corina and family on their wedding day

Jesse’s Story

A house with six women would certainly be challenging for any man. However, not for Jesse, according to his wife Corina, and five daughters; Jessica (14), Sage (13), Jordan (10), Dakota (8), and Baby Sedona (10 months).

“Dad is so fun”, Sage said. “He has taught me everything I know about basketball.” Another daughter said, “He taught us to fish, swim, and he is so funny.” Jesse’s girls love him and everyone knows it, and he loves them. Three words he can no longer say to them!

Imagine missing out on 5 graduations, 5 Jr. Prom dresses, 5 walk down the aisles, ball games, school plays, open houses, family gatherings, Halloween costumes, Thanksgivings, Easter egg hunts and Christmas mornings. Jesse will never be able to enjoy these simple things with his family again.


June 9th, 2015

Jesse and Corina set off to go to their cousins auto wrecking shop in Rancho Cordova. Corina is the bookkeeper at the shop, and Jesse goes along to help his cousin at his shop, as he often did. He was always helping others according to his family. He was off of his primary job as an electrician in Rocklin, CA. Changing a tire on his cousin’s forklift was his way of helping out this day. Even though Jesse was not aware of the dangers of a split rim, he was always eager to help out.

Jesse and his cousin were in the yard and his cousin came into the building. One of the workers came in the main shop and said “someone is hurt outside.” Even before Corina knew it was Jesse she called 911, soon realizing it was her husband who was injured. Corina went into shock, even as she followed the ambulance to the hospital, she did not realize how serious it was.


While Jesse was putting a new tire on the forklift, it exploded and the rim blew back and tore part of his head away, leaving him with severe brain trauma, blindness in his right eye, and very poor vision in his left.

Since the accident he has been in and out of the hospital with severe chest pain, tremors, dizziness, and episodes of forgetting to swallow, stand or talk. He is completely incapacitated and dependent on Corina and his children to keep him thriving.

As I sat with Jesse’s wife and 5 girls for lunch today, I realized how blessed I am and how easily life can change for any of us. I am reaching out to all my friends, family members, and professional acquaintances to help this family in desperate need until they can get answers or help through the correct government agencies or lawful channels.

I also discovered that Jesse and Corina never married as they were so busy with taking care of children. This is a problem now that Jesse is unable to make consistent decisions for himself at times, and who knows not what the future will be for his health. Corina is now the main decision maker but without a legal marriage in place, or a Power of Attorney, her power is limited, both for medical and financial decisions.

After seven days of unresponsiveness in the Dignity Health Hospital, he woke up and said in a whisper, he was hungry. Although he cannot eat solid food, he was aware he wanted to eat. He recognized his family, and could communicate through “yes” and “no” with his nod, and lip the words “I love you” to his family.

I decided now was the time to get them married because he understands they need to be married so Corina may have the power to get financial and legal help as his wife.

Jesse, Corina and family on their wedding day

We planned a wedding in the hospital and Jesse and Corina are married, and she now has the ability to fight for Jesse and all the girls, as well as get financial and legal help as his wife. My company; Respect Your Elders Care usually takes individuals 62 or older as a case from Dignity Health but the case managers from the hospital decided to reach out to me to help this family.

As a former fundraiser executive with an ovarian cancer company, the hospital staff knew I had various resources for families in need. However, many members and staff in the hospital made the wedding possible as the nurses donated a veil, flowers, bouquet, and a wedding cake. My company paid for the license, certified copies for future use and hired the Minister to officiate the ceremony in his hospital room. It was a very emotional event. Thank you Dignity Health Staff in Folsom, CA.


If you’re interested in helping Jesse, Corina and the entire Gardea family, please donate to the GoFundMe campaign by clicking. Your donations are greatly appreciated.



Ronda Butman

CEO B.S. HCA Respect Your Elders Care©

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