How to Familiarize Yourself With a Nursing Home

One of the largest struggles, if not the largest struggle for family members, is finding the right nursing home for your loved ones. Navigating through your choices can be confusing and stressful.


  • So, how do you choose the right nursing home?
  • Or even before that, how do you familiarize yourself with the nursing home?


We’d like to give you some tips, information and professional insight into familiarizing and developing a relationship with nursing care homes.


First things first, one of your best resources for information is asking around to easily accessible people. This can be to friends, family, neighbors, co-workers and so on. This method will generally get you honest opinions about facilities with people with whom you have personal relationships with.


The next step to asking around is asking people with professional experience. After you’ve gathered some personal opinions, objective professional advice will help you further decide the right nursing home. Some of the best resources for professional advice include doctors, health providers, and elder care referral agencies (hint, hint, Respect Your Elders Care!) These resources not only have a certain depth of knowledge but also have access to information (reports about violations, etc) on nursing homes that others do not.


Once you’ve gathered external information about nursing care homes, it’s time to get inside and to ask staff, patients and families about the facility. First of all, talking with staff at the facility will give you a good idea of operations and help you form an opinion on the nursing home. Another important thing to observe is the way the staff interacts with their patients. Do they take the time to help patients in need? Did they accommodate you when you entered the building? These are valid questions you can use to formulate an opinion.


In terms of the facility itself you can observe to see if it’s well taken care of, clean, and if it provides the necessary traits for your loved one—this could be meals, activities, comfortability, etc. A few trips to some different facilities will help you get a great idea of each of these factors listed above.


Although we’ve only given a few ways to familiarize yourself with, your most reliable and best source of information is contacting someone who has years of experience and relationships with nursing care homes. Respect Your Elders Care has worked with a multitude of families and senior care facilities in Northern California.
We’ve worked alongside dozens of nursing care homes in the area and would love to help you find the right one for your loved one. Please contact Respect Your Elders today to receive the professional advice on nursing care homes and other senior care facilities in Northern California.

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