Guaranteed In Home Care and Placement for Elders

I need immediate placement. How can Respect Your Elders help?

The first step is to quickly assess your specific situation with a knowledgeable and compassionate professional. We will meet with you as quickly as possible to provide immediate solutions. It is our goal at Respect Your Elders to place every client with a quality senior care facility within 24 hours of assessment.

Why choose
Respect Your Elders?

The staff at Respect Your Elders have experience working directly with Social Workers, Discharge Planners, Care Facilities, Hospice Agencies and State Licensing Agencies.

  • We are RCFE Certified, HIPPA Certified and FEMMA Emergency Response Certified.
  • We are knowledgeable of Title 22, Physicians Reports (602), Veterans Benefits, IHSS Resources, and SSI in Northern California.
  • We pre-screen and personally visit each facility to insure they meet our above industry standards.
  • We have contracts with over 150 Board and Care, Assisted Living and Respite Care Facilities.
  • We pre-screen caregivers to insure they are certified, licensed and insured Nurses Assistants, Certified Nurses Assistants, LVN’s or RN’s.

Who are your primary consumers?

We serve the senior (50+) population who have health issues ranging from temporary care in rehab to long-term care. We work with all elder care cases, but also specialize in working Veterans and patients suffering from Alzheimers and dementia. Our company helps with all aspects of non-medical to medical care including Memory Care, Hospice, Companion Care, Geriatric Care and more.

What kind of facilities do you refer to?

We personally screen and work alongside more than 150 local facilities that focus on the following needs:

  • Assisted Living: A 24-hour supervised facility that assists with personal care, bathing, dressing, toileting, nutrition and meal preparation, housekeeping, personal laundry and organized social activities.
  • Memory Care/Special Care Units: A 24-hour supervised facility, similar to Assisted Living facilities, whose distinct focus is on long-term skilled nursing that specifically caters to patients with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and other types of memory problems. These units usually have a separate wing or floor of a residential facility.
  • Hospice Care: Provided either at home or in a Senior Care or Assisted Living facility. Unlike medical care, the focus of hospice care isn’t to cure but to ensure a high quality of life for the patients remaining time. This is done through reducing pain and addressing physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs of the patient and their families.
  • Respite Care:Respite care is temporary or rehabilitative care designed to assist families short term.
  • Board and Care Facilities: Otherwise known as “Residential Care Homes” or “Group Homes”, these facilities are different from purpose-built facilities as they are houses in residential neighborhoods that are staffed for a small number of elderly. The defining characteristics of board and care homes are that they are regular houses in residential neighborhoods rather than purpose-built facilities, and also that they have a limited number of residents.
  • In-Home Caregiving: We also have a network of In-Home Caregivers for Home Health Assistance including bathing, toilet assistance, dressing, light housekeeping, laundry, meal preparation, assistance with feeding. All caregivers are certified, licensed and insured Nurses Assistants, Certified Nurses Assistants, LVN’s or RN’s.
  • We follow up with the family after placement to assure the caregiver, facility and level of service meets their expectations.

What is the quickest way to get hold of us?

Call us anytime, after hours or emergency at (916) 802-6043. We look forward to assisting you in the quick placement of your families loved one.

What areas do you serve?

We are based in Newcastle, California and serve Sacramento County, Placer County, Nevada County, El Dorado County, San Joaquin County and Bay Area.

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