Checking Items Off A Bucket List, One Baseball Game At A Time

Eldercare placement can be an impersonal process, and the elderly have been notoriously mistreated over the years. Respect Your Elders is different—It’s our mission to provide eldercare services with dignity and respect. And sometimes, we end up forming an extra special bond with a client.

Ronda Butman, Founder of Respect Your Elders, met Stewart Bowles, a 94-year-old WWII pilot through a representative from Dignity Health calling Ronda with some very sad news: Stewart’s wife was at the hospital and likely in need of hospice care. Stewart was unaware of the fact that his wife had very little time left to live. Ronda convinced Stewart to let her accompany him and his wife to their home and to help make Grace comfortable.

Grace had passed away less than 24 hours later.

“Stewart didn’t understand how close she was to dying,” said Butman. “He said he always thought he would go first.”

Respect Your Elders Care
Pictured: Stewart Bowles, Ronda, and Family. Sacramento River Cats game.

Devastated over his wife’s death, Ronda guided Stewart through the entire end of life process, even accompanying him to the mortuary where his wife was cremated. She continued to spend time with Stewart, well after her services were required, and they began to form a friendship.

During one conversation, Ronda asked Stewart what was on his bucket list. He didn’t know what a bucket list was, but after an explanation, he was quick to fill up his list.

First on his bucket list was to attend a baseball game, it had been over 49 years since Stewart had attended a game. Ronda granted his wish and took Stewart to a Sacramento River Cats game on Saturday, May 23, 2015. During the game, the River Cats saluted Stewart Bowles for his service to our country across the video board.

Recently, another one of Stewart’s bucket list items was granted—He wanted to walk in a parade. Ronda made arrangements for Stewart to walk in 4th of July parade in Lincoln, CA. Ronda and family walked beside Stewart in the parade.

After the parade, they went back to Ronda’s house and enjoyed a BBQ with Ronda’s family. Stewart told them stories about WWII and they sat around wide-eyed listening to his tales of adventure.

Respect Your Elders Care
Pictured: Stewart and Butman Grandchildren Lincoln, CA 4th of July Parade 2015.

Stewart is now a part of Ronda’s family, regularly attending family functions. Although 94 years old, he’s sharp, witty and independent still maintains his driver’s license. Ronda knows that if Stewart has a goal, he will continue to thrive.

Ronda’s passion for her business is seen not only through her huge heart and altruistic behaviors but with her continued drive to provide the best services and care for her clients.

At Respect Your Elders Care, we provide services tailored to each individual need, with dignity and respect.

We are dedicated to raising the standards of caregiving in California and delicately balance the need for immediate placement while understanding the complex emotions that come with handling the declining health of the family member. We guarantee our services exceed the client’s expectations and follow up with every client each week to make sure their needs are met and the family is well taken care of.

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