Outside of California Services

Respect Your Elders is extending services to other areas! I’m proud to announce that we have expanded our network to serve your needs in Arizona and Colorado in addition to California. In these areas, I’ve helped several loved ones that have moved there find appropriate facilities so they may continue to live independently and thrive. … Continued

Tips for Talking to Your Aging Parents

We all know the time is going to come throughout our whole lives. The moment you have to start talking with your aging parents, and their future. While many families differ based on various reasons, these talks are typically difficult for all.   Whether it’s finances, family issues, or something else, we want to provide … Continued

Thank You Caryn Brustman and Sutter Roseville

We would like to give a very special thank you to Caryn Brustman and everyone in the Medical Surgical Unit at Sutter Roseville Medical Center.   Recently, we talked about Jesse’s story, the tragic story of a family who we recently worked with and become very close to our heart. Jesse Gardea was involved in … Continued

How to Familiarize Yourself With a Nursing Home

One of the largest struggles, if not the largest struggle for family members, is finding the right nursing home for your loved ones. Navigating through your choices can be confusing and stressful.   So, how do you choose the right nursing home? Or even before that, how do you familiarize yourself with the nursing home? … Continued

A Respect Your Elders Story – Doris Lockness

As you may or may not know, I meet the most amazing people nearly every day while working. One of my most recent encounters involves a tremendous lady I recently met. I’d like to share the story of Doris Lockness with you all! Recently, I went to Mercy Folsom to assess placement care for Mrs. … Continued

Jesse’s Story

A house with six women would certainly be challenging for any man. However, not for Jesse, according to his wife Corina, and five daughters; Jessica (14), Sage (13), Jordan (10), Dakota (8), and Baby Sedona (10 months). “Dad is so fun”, Sage said. “He has taught me everything I know about basketball.” Another daughter said, … Continued

Checking Items Off A Bucket List, One Baseball Game At A Time

Eldercare placement can be an impersonal process, and the elderly have been notoriously mistreated over the years. Respect Your Elders is different—It’s our mission to provide eldercare services with dignity and respect. And sometimes, we end up forming an extra special bond with a client. Ronda Butman, Founder of Respect Your Elders, met Stewart Bowles, … Continued

Welcome to Respect Your Elders blog

Senior care is a journey, and we are honored to share it with you. This company was born out of our desire to bring compassion and respect our clients by placing the needs, care and welfare of our clients above service expectations. Partnering with our elders, hand in hand, is at the core of everything … Continued