5 Ways to Stay in Touch With Your Loved Ones

It’s something that families everywhere have to deal with when placing their loved ones in senior care facilities or other assisted living homes—staying in touch. A quick message or letter can greatly brighten up the day of both parties involved.

Whether you stay in good contact with your loved ones or it’s been on the back burner as of late, we hope these tips help you better stay in touch in the future. Respect Your Elders is dedicated to helping your loved one’s journey in senior care run as smoothly as possible.

Helpful Tip: For the most part, many seniors don’t have tons of experience with computers, smart phones and technology as a whole. It is best that you properly explain how to use all forms of communication beforehand so they feel more comfortable with using them.

Here are our five tips for helping to stay in touch with your loved ones who are in assisted living homes or other senior care facilities.

  1. Create a Calendar

A calendar should be the basis for all of your communication between you and your loved ones. When initially moving your loved ones into their future home, give them a clear calendar stating the date and time of phone calls, meetings, and other ways of communicating.

  1. Send Gifts

Sending your loved ones small gifts or care packages is a great way to show you’re thinking about them. You know your loved one’s best, and a quick note or gift to let them know you’re thinking of them is the perfect way to start a conversation. Gifts could be a box of candies, cool Pinterest creation, or anything else—be creative.

  1. Utilize Email and Text Messaging

We live busy lives, and sometimes it’s hard to create time to make a visit, especially if your loved ones are a long ways away. If your loved one is comfortable with using a tablet, smartphone or computer, then digital messages are the way to go for a quick “hello” or full on conversation. Typically, text messages are mean for a quicker message rather than email, but use your technology however you please!

  1. Schedule Family Meetings

Scheduled meetings with your family can give your loved ones something to always look forward to on a regular basis. Whether it’s a breakfast every weekend or a daily chat, it’s good to incorporate the whole family. Use your calendar, described above, to perfectly plan out your family meetings.

  1. Use Video Chat Services

Make your conversations more personal by using video chat services like Facetime, Skype, Google Hangouts, or other video chat services. You and your loved ones will love seeing expressions and interactions that words just can’t show. Most of the current devices nowadays have video chat built in so it’s easier than ever to see your loved one’s faces.

These are only five quick ideas for staying in better touch with your loved ones, and we know there are more. Want to share your favorite methods? Send us a message on Facebook or leave us a comment below!
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